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As we are launching, we are adding more items to the menu gradually to ensure that every item that leaves our kitchen is as good as we can get it.

Therefore this menu will be updated as we add new dishes, and you can see our full menu and what's available exclusively on the Congleton Eats platform.


Ahan Tam Sang

Som Tam Thai - £10
Papaya & carrot salad, pounded together with garlic, chilli, peanut, long bean and tomato, mixed with a salty and sour dressing

Laab Hed - £10 (Vegan)
A selection of grilled mushrooms, tossed with garlic, chilli, shallots, toasted rice powder, mint and coriander

Pad Thai Gai - £12
Stir fried noodle with chicken, beansprout, egg and Chinese chives. Served with fresh beansprout, spring onion, chilli and peanut with a wedge of lime - a classic done right.

Pad Krapow Gai Kai Dow- £12
Chicken flash fried with garlic, chilli, and Thai basil in a savoury sauce, served with jasmine rice and a Thai style fried egg on top.

Masaman Neua - £14
Grilled medium rare steak, tossed in a creamy and unctuous curry, made with rich spices, cashew nuts and potato

Gaeng Keow Wan Gai - £12
The oh-so-popular Thai green curry with chicken and vegetables. This classic dish is a favourite in Thai restaurants all over the UK; a mild and aromatic coconut milk broth, served with jasmine rice.

Tom Kha Hed - £12 (Vegan)
A selection of grilled mushrooms in a light, creamy and fragrant broth of coconut milk and Thai herbs. Served with jasmine rice

Gai Todd Nam Pla - £6
Mini chicken wings, marinated Thai style and fried until crispy, served with our signature sauces. Perfect for sharing with the table or pair with Som Tam Thai and enjoy as part of a meal.

Por Pia Pak - £6 (Vegan)
Original Thai fried spring rolls, handmade in our kitchen, made with classic vegetables such as beansprout and cabbage. Perfect for vegans, these crunchy spring rolls can be dipped in our signature sauces for a perfect snack or side dish

Thai Prawn Crackers - £3 
Real homemade Thai prawn crackers, served with our signature sauces

Sticky Rice - £3 
Authentic sticky rice, ready to be dipped in our signature sauces

Jasmine Rice - £3
High quality and fragrant Thai jasmine rice

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