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About our food

We have a focus on using the highest quality ingredients and in almost all cases, all of our food is made from fresh ourselves.

For our meat, we partner with Brook House Farm Shop, who rear and butcher all of their own livestock at their farm in Motram, Cheshire. This ensures that we know the animals have been raised properly and can have consistency of quality. It's important that we know exactly where our produce is coming from, and working closely with Jack at Brook House Farm Shop assures us of this seal of quality.

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For our fresh produce, we partner with Organic North Wholesale, to provide us with a wide range of high quality organic vegetables procured from fully vetted suppliers throughout the UK and Europe, as well as some specialist produce from Asia, to guarantee a year round supply of amazing produce.

Finally, we procure our mushrooms from Mark's Mushrooms, a cultivator and supplier of a good range of mushrooms based in the North of England. Our staple mushrooms are cultivated all year round and during the mushroom season, we will able to add exciting gourmet funghi to our specials menu.

The only dishes we don't make from completely fresh is our curry. While it's important for us to make everything from scratch in house, it's more important to provide our guests with the best possible flavours, and we couldn't compete on the curry paste front.


After much testing, we have opted to partner with Mae Jum, an independent and artisanal curry paste supplier based in the South of England, which means we can adjust recipes to suit our dishes and ensure our curries are unique yet authentic.

Since these are base pastes, we are also able to offer vegan curry options.


The following ingredients are used extensively in our kitchen and therefore if you have allergens to any of these, then BSG is unable to currently cater to you:

- Fish

- Crustaceans

- Molluscs

- Celery

- Eggs

- Lupins

- Peanuts

- Tree nuts

- Sesame

- Soy beans

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